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Condemned Angel

Immortal in Death

Posted by roarke_lover on 2006.03.20 at 12:37
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The third novel in JD Robb's In Death Series.

"The fatal gift of beauty" - Byron
"Make me immortal with a kiss" - Christopher Marlowe

This book turned out to be one of my favorites because it dealt with one of my favorite characters, Mavis. In this book Eve is getting ready for her upcoming wedding. She needs to pick out a wedding dress and we know that shopping is not one of Eve's best trait. Mavis is dating a designer named Leonardo. Leonardo will be designing Eve's wedding dress. Eve is nervous to meet this man because since Mavis is so outrageous in her fashion Eve thought Leonardo would be the same with her. Luckily Leonardo has a great talent for making outfits to fit the individual's style.

In this book there is the murder of a model named Pandora. She was Leonardo's ex and even though she does not need or want him she does not want Mavis to have him either. Unfortunately Pandora is murdered in Leonardo's studio/apartment and Mavis being unconscience from a binger she went on wakes up over Pandora's corpse. She is now the primary suspect since there is no hiding there animosity towards each other.There are several witness to prove how much these two women hated each other and witnesses that say both females were heading over to Leonardo's right before the murder. This is an emotionally difficult case for Eve but she must work hard to prove her best friend is innocent. Or is she?

Amazing story. Great emotional scenes. And an ending to remember. A must read for anyone who hasn't read the story yet.

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